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Jordan Jackson


Brand Strategy

Digital Product Design

Design Thinking

I believe that companies should understand their customers at the deepest level possible. Through this understanding of the emotional customer journey, companies can better prioritize

the features that will be more suitable in the eyes of real people and consequently, which features and emotional benefits they should concentrate on in design, development and marketing.

Born with an insatiable curiosity, I have always been fascinated by what drives people to make certain decisions. Over the past years I have focused and refined this fascination into a practice of understanding human motivation and its implications on design, products and brands.   

After completing my bachelors degree in International Business & Psychology, I attended the Masters In Branding program at the School Of Visual Arts in New York City, which taught me to  to guide brand, design and business development, critically evaluate brand, business, marketing and design strategies and master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity. Later on in my educational journey, I complimented my skills by immersing myself in a UX and Digital Product Design bootcamp.  Also, to continuously understand the evolving role of brand and design I host a podcast entitled ‘Branded’ where I interview founders, academics, and artists.      

Areas of expertise:

- Brand Strategy

- Design Thinking

- Digital Product Design

- Cultural Research



Jordan Jackson is a brand strategist and digital product designer. He developed his skills within these domains while attending the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual arts in New York City.


He has refined these skills by working on projects with formidable clients such as Fujitsu and Phillips as well as smaller start up clients. Jordan’s work has been featured in for his ability to uncover novel customer insights that have then been translated into profitable product features and brand campaigns.


In addition to his day to day work Jordan also hosts a podcast that with the founders of compelling brands, forward looking academics, and culturally relevant artists that explores the question “what does it mean to be an iconic brand in the 21st century?”.

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