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Jaakko Tammela


Product Design

Innovation Management

I believe that design is more than a discipline. It is a lifestyle and a mindset. With this approach in mind, I love to get into new challenges from new design services to consumer goods and to help brands and people improve their businesses and lives.


My diverse background gives me the ability to walk from the conceptual vision to a tangible and agile solution in a very quick and successful way.


I am based in São Paulo, Brazil with 13 years of experience working with major local brands and global brands on product development, portfolio strategy, brand positioning and new business design.


I am originally from Brazil, currently studying Creative Leadership in Berlin, Germany.


Areas of expertise:

- Product design

- Service design

- Experience design

- Branding

- Strategic planning

- Concept generation

- Building innovation tools

- Trend forecasting

- Team leadership

- Creative processes

- Creative leadership



As an independent design consultant Jaakko advises on new product development as well as business opportunities for local and global brands such as Ekos, Kids In, Natura, and Intel. He is a founder of Fabrico, a company that helps entrepreneurs develop solutions that match theirs dreams and passions with high standard market solutions, delivering what he calls “soul made products.”


Jaakko's professional experience includes being Senior Future Insights Manager as well as Senior Design Manager for Whirlpool Latin America. He previously co-founded another company, Sincrodesign, which worked with many global brands.


At IED São Paulo Jaakko was a professor, and is a coordinator and curator for the branding and strategic design program. During the 13 years of experience Jaakko received more than 30 international and national design awards, such as GOOD, Design Prize, IF Design Award, Red Dot and IDEA USA and Brazil. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and MBA in Marketing and Business from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing do Rio de Janeiro.

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