Hajime Sunakawa


Concept Design

Trend Spotting

My definition of design is “a language, or a grammar, that turns one’s insight into a realization, whether real or virtual.” With this in mind I love to create meaningful business projects in line with the lifestyles of everyone.


I have been watching US businesses and lifestyles with a Japanese point of view for more than 40 years. This was my starting point, thinking comparatively, which formed my foundation as a trend spotter.


I am based in Tokyo with experience working with major Japanese brands on concept designs for brand strategy, product development and marketing. Future study has recently become my major theme.


Areas of expertise:

- Concept design

- Design consulting

- Trend spotting

- New business model incubation

- Branding

- Future studies 



Hajime was a founding member of the Japan Design Consultants Association.


As an independent consultant he has been running think tanks with Toyota, Nissan, KDDI (the second largest Japanese telecom), Shiseido and major Japanese advertising agencies such as Dentsu and Hakuhodo.


Hajime’s involvement with developing concept designs range from automobiles (Infinity) to the flagship KDDI Designing Studio (KDDI's showroom for consumers in Harajuku.) He also helped develop the Yokohama Children’s Science Center and the Tsukuba Science and Techno Expo. In addition, he is an expert in insular studies and has been engaging with many island empowerment initiatives.


Hajime authored the books “Forecasting Business Trends”, “Exploring New Businesses”, “Lifestyle Analysis”, “American Lifestyle”, and “Trend Spotting,” among others. His new book is titled “Idea Economy”.