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Glaucia Holzmann

Founding Partner

Qualitative Research and Analysis

Cultural Insight

I believe products and services have to be united with social matters. My work is based on looking for solutions that can also bring happiness to people and companies. By being involved with people’s needs, understanding their cultural context and observing what they feel, say, think and do I am sure I develop better services focusing on quality of life.


My work combines methodologies from Design Thinking with feeling and sensibility. My cultural background enables me to identify trends and opportunities. These insights are validated through research.


I am based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I have 8 years of experience working with qualitative research for a variety of categories including: healthcare, UX, design and innovation research.


I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I have studied and worked in the US, UK and Spain.


Areas of expertise:

- Cultural Insights

- Branding

- Moderation

- Qualitative Research

- Usability Research

- Design Thinking

- Recruitment

- Translations

- Social Communication



Glaucia Holzmann, graduated in Social Communication from Paulista University in Sao Paulo, Brail, and became a researcher in 2005 when she helped establish a global research company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She led a variety of projects in many categories, including Consumer Insights, Product Innovation, Digital Interaction, Brand Strategy, Service Design and Usability. 


Glaucia’s rich experiences from living in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York, and San Francisco gave her the chance of understanding human behavior and cultures in practice. She is considered a cultural expert in research, helping organizations to deepen their knowledge. Her goal is to discover opportunities focusing on well-being, improving quality of life for both consumers and organizations.


She often writes about Brazilian trends and culture, defining Brazil’s social classes and the diversity of the country. “I don’t only talk to people; I observe them. I see how they feel, understanding their frustrations and how they overcome problems”. 

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